Sunday, January 2, 2011



Again, another category where I have to hand it to the underdog. Miami is like the hip-hop producer capitol right now with a lot of major producers having a base in Miami or just plain out just living here now. However, I gotta recognize talent when its staring right in front of me. Miami Beat Wave is a unique collective that works out of their South Miami studio (which is vintagely dope by the way) and they hold something that not a lot of hip-hop producers can claim to. A diverse sound. Its almost like every next track they produce sounds different than the previous. For some producers, this can hurt them. Not when you’re Miami Beat Wave though. Their work is just so clean and crisp with so many different sounds, you just can’t find yourself to hate them one bit. Most of the artists they’ve worked with are on the underground side of the hip-hop spectrum, but that shouldn’t deter you from hearing the amazing sounds they’ve produced for artists like Scotty Boi & Rick Ross, Ghostwridah, Omniscent, Basic Vocab, Ras Kass and more.

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